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I do believe your galaxy

My vision is to connect your music to your people!

In this space, I empower YOU as an artist to create your own world leveraging the power of ART, BUSINESS and SCIENCE to connect you with your fans.

I do believe your galaxy! Let’s go on a journey together.

Are you ready? 

Sabrina Sona Bruehwiler

Who am I?

How I can help you

Engaging your Audience is a complex system, let me show you how I work my magic:

Octalysis Gamification

I’m an expert in creating Gamification Solutions using the world’s popular Octalysis Framework by Yu-kai Chou.

Creative Solutions / Innovation

Creativity is my superpower. I will find a solution that suits you and your vision. App, 4D Concert, XR? I look at obstacles as a fun challenge, not a problem.

Musical Identity Design

Creating your ID, your story, your language, colour, tone, sound and brand. Helping you to BE YOU!

Indie / Music Business Strategy

If uprising artist or big label, I create a strategy with you that makes YOU spark in the spotlight.

You are a legend and you’re here to stay!

Community Design / Co-creation

I help you connect to your audience and build a community of like-minded people! Let’s start co-creating the universe of tomorrow.

Artists and Clients I’ve worked with

In my career, I had the chance to work with some incredible companies and inspiring individuals. Big and small, famous or lost in space. Let’s have a look at some of them:

octalysis group

I want to hear your melody.

Let me hear your vision by sending a high-speed message. As you know by now... I love co-creation!

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